Volunteering in Breda

🎎 It’s a chance to make new friends
👑 You can strengthen your career
🏙️ Get to know the city (even better)
🇳🇱 You learn to speak the Dutch language (if you want)


Hi there! It’s our pleasure to welcome you at MOOIWERK. Here you can find everything you need to gain more information about voluntary work in the city. MOOIWERK Breda is a city-wide organization that assists individuals in finding volunteer work. We also supports and advise voluntary organizations. Together we promote volunteer work in Breda!

Keep an eye on our website, because from time to time we organize an inspirational session for all English speaking Bredanaars! We love to tell you more about the different possibilities for volunteering.

"Did you know that there are several organizations in Breda that can offer you a great place to volunteer?"Berit of MOOIWERK

Discover volunteering in Breda

As a volunteer, you can really make a difference. Not only considering someone else, but especially considering you! You actively engage with the local community while doing something in return. A number of vacancies on the site require fluent Dutch, some organizations welcome volunteers who speak English. When you search for volunteer work at our jobboard, click on the box ‘Dit vrijwilligerswerk kan door anderstaligen gedaan worden’ (suitable for speakers of other languages) to find opportunities for volunteer jobs. Or click here to go straight to the page with jobs suitable for other languages.

Found something that suits you? Create an account and respond by clicking on the box ‘stuur een bericht naar de organisatie’ (send a message to the organization).

We’d love to get to know you!

Are you curious and do you want to know if voluntary work may be something for you? Do you want to know which organizations are open to new English or non-Dutch employees?

Feel free to contact us and ask us all your questions. We’d love help you with finding fun and impactful work based on your interests!

Are you interested in volunteering?

Have a look at current jobs that suit you!

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